How Technology is Executing and Catalyzing Our Daily Chores

Technology has become such an essential and an integral part of our lives, that one cannot imagine their routines without it. Technology and our daily activities go hand in hand and these two elements can never be detached and isolated from each other. It is purely impossible. We can actually say and prove the fact that even though we have given birth to technology, our lives are partially, if not completely, dependent on technology. No matter from which setup, environment, or social background we belong to, our life does revolve around what is known as technology, knowingly or unknowingly. Whether you are a school going young student or a trained professional working in a company or whether you are a granny in her 90’s, knitting her favorite sweater on a rocking chair, you are not free from the enticement of technology; it has captivated us all. Let us observe how technology is currently ruling and dominating the sphere on which we thrive.


Technology in Households

The everyday routine and household chores of a housewife particularly, have become a child’s play. By waking up to the sound of the morning alarm on her lavish looking tablet to making crepes in the pancake maker, her life is a perfect example of how she takes help from technology. Different equipments and machinery such as dishwashers, washing machines and kitchen ovens are used by housewives all over the world every day. The bright screens of television, including different types such as LED and LCD allow them to pass their spare time. Not only can they connect with different people worldwide through blogs, social media and video-conferencing, but also watching latest seasons of their favorite TV shows as well as cocking shows keeps them well occupied!

Technology and Business

Another faction in whom technology is used immensely is to carry out business activities. Through the use of online technology, different business partners can carry out various money transactions, that too in a safe environment. They carry out their general meetings with the help of online communication programs and methods. Online technology assists people to carry out financial activities; sending money to a far distant place is now no more problematic.


Technology has removed and lessened the distance between places and has made this world a more global place to live in. This interconnectedness and removal of gaps can be seen due to the ever increasing changes of technology boosted by the ever expanding process of globalization. Online technology has allowed passengers and travelers to book their flights and tickets with just a click. Moreover, they can also read and write reviews about their favorite holiday destinations, resorts, airlines and tours from absolutely anywhere across the globe


Last but not the least; technology has filled the internet with different opinions, perceptions and a variety of novel thoughts and ideas. All this is possible due to online writing services, which include blogging, writing articles, journals, even research papers and articles, social reviews, appraisals and evaluations.  Communication is even more possible now due to blogs and opinion writing. People can easily be hired online as content and article writers and can easily make online money through this process.

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